A-litter 26.07.2021


After neither Caya nor Liza ever gave birth to a litter, the long-awaited A-litter Malá Bosorka was born in 2021. There were seven puppies, three females and four males. Unfortunately, the first born female could not find a good start in life and I had to put her to sleep the next morning.

The other six puppies developed splendidly and life really came alive very quickly. In the end, Malou and Liza looked after the six rascals together and the different characters of the puppies were already recognisable quite early.

The males; Artaios, Amael, Aiven Dymon, Arvalus and the females Andastra and Anjali all found great families and developed into well-balanced and beautiful Czechoslovakian Vlcaks. For more information about the A-litter Czechoslovakian Vlcaks please have a look at there individual page.

The search for a suitable male for Malou kept me in advance very busy for a long time. Best Remus Lupina Chaos had already been used as a stud dog for Malou in 2020, but unfortunately Malou did not get pregnant that year. After much deliberation and applying to the German Kennel Club (VDH), the new possibility arose of being able to use 2 males. I decided to give Remus another chance and to choose Leszy II z Peronówki as the second male. I known both males personally for years and they have a very friendly and balanced character. Of course, the health examinations and the degree of relationship in both males matched Malou very well. At three weeks the puppies were chipped at the vet and blood was taken for the required paternity test. After two long weeks of waiting, the result came and all six puppies had the same father, Leszy II z Peronówki.

Health Malou


Bonitation: AsOgP1 Xv55,56 Xf 107,94 Xh 0,625

Titel: DkCh, dt.Ch VDH, ChSK, C.I.E

Labour: BH-VT, SVP 1, SVP 2, RO Klasse 2

For more info about Malou, check out Malou’s main page or contact me.

Health Leszy II z Peronówki


Bonitation: AsOgR1T1a/69 Xva54 Xf 107 Xg 0,64

Labour: BH-VT

In the following video you can see my A-litter and get an impression of the first weeks of the little rascals.

A-litter 26.07.2021 video

In this section you will find general information about Malou’s A-litter.

SIRE: Leszy II z Peronówki (2021.07.26)
Arvalus Malá BosorkaNo results available yet
Artaios Malá BosorkaHD A1, ED 0, DM: N/N Dwarf N/N, SVP 1 excellent
Anjali Malá BosorkaNo results available yet
Andastra Malá BosorkaNo results available yet
Amael Malá BosorkaHD A1, ED 0, DM: N/N Dwarf N/N (according to the results of the parents)
Aiven Dymon Malá BosorkaHD A1, ED 0, DM: N/N Dwarf N/N (according to the results of the parents)
A-litter, 1 year ol

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