Fleur Malou Grey Diamond

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Malou is a light, elegant bitch with a very wolfish overall impression who is active but always cooperative in everyday life. I visited her for the first time at the age of three weeks and immediately fell in love with her. Already at this tender age she was present at any time and absolutely photogenic. This bitch, who was always awake first and active the longest compared to her siblings, was to complete my pack again. I am still grateful to Jacqueline, her breeder, that I had the first choice and Malou was allowed to move in with me.

I have never regretted this decision and Liza and Malou quickly became a good team. Malou developed into a beautiful bitch, who not only convinces visitors and judges at exhibitions and shows, but also shines on the dog field. We are active in RallyObedience. Before that, we were regularly involved in mantrailing, and Malou was always highly motivated and talented here too. Unfortunately, we had to put these activities on hold due to lack of time. “Just for Fun” we have been taking part in sled dog races with the scooter for a few years with an official racing licence.

In recent years, we have particularly enjoyed visiting the special shows in the countries of origin, which are characterised by very tough and, above all, large competition. Entries of well over 100 Czechoslovakian Vlcaks are rather the rule and for me the placements achieved there are much more meaningful and “valuable” than the one or other title at the large domestic and foreign CACIB shows with general judges. Of course, these judges cannot know the breed as well as the judges specialised in the CSV, who all have years of experience with the breed and must have been or still are breeders.

Malou has regularly achieved high placings or class wins at the special shows as well as titles at the major international shows.

Malou’s health examinations all turned out in the best possible way, so that I have no restrictions in choosing suitable breeding males and can decide freely. The birth of the puppies went smoothly and she was an excellent mother. From the age of about 3 weeks Liza was allowed to support her in grooming as well as in bringing up the puppies and human visitors were also welcome.

The A-litter has developed excellently in character, appearance and health, so that I expect very promising puppies in every respect in the coming litters.

The B-litter is planned for summer 2023, you can find more information here.


Name of the dog:Fleur Malou Grey Diamond
Breed:Czechoslovakian Vlcak
Date of birth:2016.11.21
Breeder:Grey Diamond (Heinzig, Jacqueline)
Owner:Wächter, Tanja
Coat colour:wolf coloured
Length of the coat:Short
Pedigree book number:VDH 16/116 00891

In the following tables you will find the information about Malou’s health results, bonitation, show titles and passed tests and performance class.


Health results:

You can find more health information and explanations of the abbreviations here.

Bonitation/ Titel

Bonitation: AsOgP1
Xv 55,56 Xf 107,94 Xh0,625 SK

You can find more information about the training and the abbreviations here.


SVP I (40km)Excellent
SVP II (70km)good
RallyObedienceClass 2

You can find more information about the training and the abbreviations here.

In this section you will find general information about Malou’s puppies.

SIRE: Leszy II z Peronówki (2021.07.26)
Arvalus Malá BosorkaNo results available yet
Artaios Malá BosorkaHD A1, ED 0, DM: N/N Dwarf N/N, SVP 1 excellent
Anjali Malá BosorkaNo results available yet
Andastra Malá BosorkaNo results available yet
Amael Malá BosorkaHD A1, ED 0, DM: N/N Dwarf N/N (according to the results of the parents)
Aiven Dymon Malá BosorkaHD A1, ED 0, DM: N/N Dwarf N/N (according to the results of the parents)
A-litter, 1 year old

Here you can see Malou’s pedigree with links to pictures and information of her ancestors. The pedigree gives a lot of information of the dog about line breeding, health results, conformation and often also about character traits, which can be derived by looking at and evaluating the ancestors.

Pedigree Fleur Malou Grey Diamond

The above pedigree contains links pointing to wolfdog.org. This is in accordance with copyright law.

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