B-Litter – Malou x Greyback – Oktober 2023

The B-litter was actually already planned for the summer, but Malou was late with her heat. Now I mated with her at the end of August and if everything went well, we are expecting the B-litter at the end of October.

Unfortunately the planned double mating with Makaio and Greyback did not work out, so that there will be “only” puppies from the mating Greyback x Malou.

I expect from this mating well-balanced, cooperative puppies with an interesting pedigree, which visually correspond to the breed standard. In this pedigree there are many older dogs/lines, which I could personally meet many times up to the great-great-grandparents of the expected puppies and thus get a good picture of these dogs.

Greyback is a beautiful, medium sized male with a relaxed/open character, strong bones and a great reddish brown colouring who is a perfect match for my active and rather finely built Malou.

Malou is a very cooperative and active bitch, rather light and elegant in build, who competes with me in RallyObedience and with whom I take part in sled dog races with the scooter. In addition, she is a bitch that corresponds excellently to the standard and has regularly placed at various special shows with well over 100 Czechoslovakian Vlcaks present.

If you are interested in a puppy and have further questions about the breed and/or the parents, please feel free to contact me.

Health Greyback

HD:A 0/0

Bonitation: AsM4fP3 Xv54,48 Xf 108,96 Xh 0,706 SK

Labour: SVP 1

Health Malou


Bonitation: AsOgP1 Xv55,56 Xf 107,94 Xh 0,625

Titel: DkCh, dt.Ch VDH, ChSK, C.I.E

Labour: BH-VT, SVP 1, SVP 2, RO Klasse 2

In the following video you can see my B-litter, which I planned for 2023.

Oktober 2023 puppies


B- litter expected end of October 2023

Are you thinking about adding a Czechoslovakian Vlcak to your family?

Or maybe you are just curious about these fascinating dogs?

Here I will keep reporting the latest news about pregnancy, expected date of birth. And of course after the birth of the little B-litters, information about the puppies.

You can get a good first impression of the breed by watching the Youtube video of the Club für Tschechoslowakische Wolfhunde Deutschland e.V., or read the text in the Character section.

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