About me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Tanja Wächter and I am behind “Malá Bosorka” , my internationally recognised kennel for Czechoslovakian Vlcaks (CSV), which is dedicated to breeding healthy and well-socialised dogs.

In 1998 I learned about the breed; Czechoslovakian Vlcak. I was immediately fascinated by its beauty, intelligence and versatility. I started researching the breed, visiting owners and dog shows to get an accurate picture of their needs. After six years of waiting and planning, in February 2004 my dream came true and Caya entered my life. With her I tried many sports, participated in competitions and travelled to meetings, shows and other events.
The Czechoslovakian Vlcak virus has had a firm grip on me ever since and has completely changed my life.

With Caya I hit the jackpot and got a beautiful CSV bitch with a very sovereign and balanced character. The desire for puppies from her arose quickly. For a kennel I needed a name, I met the requirements for the German Kennel Club (VDH) already. So I looked for a suitable name in Slovakian. As Slovakia is one of the countries of origin of the breed. The nickname of my Caya was “little witch” and translated into Slovakian that means “Malá Bosorka”. I was lucky that this name was not yet taken internationally, so my kennel could start under this name.

Unfortunately, my breeding plans could not be realised with either Caya or Liza, but with Malou it finally worked out in 2021, after my kennel had already been recognised by the FCI in 2007.

Located in rural East Westphalia (Germany), my dogs live with me in an idyllic little village. In nearby Paderborn we train regularly in our dog club and also enjoy being active in nature or at various dog events. With Liza I discovered the sport of pulling dogs. Since then we train more or less regularly and take part in sled dog races just for fun. All in all, I am out and about with my dogs a lot, in nature, at events or at camping.

If you are now curious and would like to get to know my dogs and me, feel free to contact me.

Visitors are always welcome!

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