Caya Zlatá Palz

In memory of Caya Zlatá Palz – born 11.12.2003 – 26.08.2016

In memory of Caya Zlatá Palz
In memory of Caya Zlatá Palz
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Caya Zlatá Palz was my first Czechoslovakian Vlcak and also my first real own dog. Born on 11 December 2003, she moved in with me at the beginning of February 2004, after I had already been able to visit the litter twice in the beautiful Bavarian Forest. Caya and I had a very special relationship from the beginning and during the visits she actually chose me and not I her.

Caya accompanied me through the last years of my studies and then also into my professional life. We moved house together several times, spent a lot of time on the dog field with agility and later also mantrailing, travelled regularly to wolfdogs meetings and to various dog shows.

Caya was my soul dog. She had a unique character, was extremely confident and also a beautiful representative of her breed. She won first places at many special shows and even won the title “most beautiful dog of the show / Best in Show” at a national 2-day show in Slovakia.

At the beginning of 2007 she was joined by Hron and in 2011 Liza completed my little “pack” again after Hron’s death.

At the age of 12 years and 8 months she died suddenly of a highly aggressive tumour of the spleen. As was her nature, she did not show her pain for a long time and during the emergency operation it became clear that there was no chance of recovery. In order not to cause her any more pain and not to let her suffer, I decided not to let her wake up from the anaesthesia. Caya left a big hole, but a little bit of her came back to me with my Malou.

Unfortunately, despite several attempts, Caya did not have any puppies, even with different males, so I could not keep any offspring from her. However, her sister Chaos Zlatá Palz gave birth to 2 great litters and the stud dog Makaio of my B-litter planning is a grandson of Chaos. I hope that I can contribute to the preservation of this great line.


Name of the dog:Caya Zlatá Palz
Breed:Czechoslovakian Vlcak
Date of birth:2003.12.11
Call name:Caya
Breeder:Zlatá Palz, Ina Ziebler-Eichhorn
Owner:Malá Bosorka (Wächter, Tanja
Coat colour:wolf coloured
Length of the coat:short
Studbook no:VDH 03/116 0126

In the following tables you will find the information about Caya’s health results, bonitation, show titles and passed tests and performance class.


Health results:

You can find more health information and explanations of the abbreviations here.

Bonitation/ Titel

Youth bonitation: promising
Bonitation: A64OcR1P1
dt. CH VDH, PL CH, SK CH, Int. Ch, ES VDH, BS VDH,VDH-Europa-Veteranensieger,dt. Veteranen CH
1x Best in Show, 1x Bester Veteran

You can find more information about the training and the abbreviations here.


Endurance test:
SVP I (40km)Excellent
Agility:Klasse A1

You can find more information about the training and the abbreviations here.

Show results

Caya has had an extremely successful show career and has won one or two titles, she has even been runner-up 2 times, once even in the country of origin of the CSV, Slovakia!

At a national 2-day show in Slovakia she won the “Best in Show”, so she was chosen as the most beautiful dog of the show and therefore also of all other breeds.

A few years later she won the title “Best in Show” at an international German show.

Show results

Even at an older age as a starter in the veteran class, she scored with a top condition and was able to leave many much younger dogs behind her and even became “Best Bitch” once again at a well-attended special show in Slovakia in 2013 and at the CACIB in Neumünster in 2012 she got the title “Best Veteran of the Show”.

Memory video from Caya

In the following video you can get an impression of my beloved Caya – forever in my heart

Here you can see Caya’s pedigree with links to pictures and information of her ancestors. The pedigree gives a lot of information of the dog about line breeding, health results, conformation and often also about character traits, which can be derived by looking at and evaluating the ancestors.

Pedigree Caya Zlatá Palz

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